5 Top Tips for Buying an Office Notice Board


Buying an office notice board (or several for that matter) might seem a simple task, but get it wrong and it could cost your company and productivity dearly. Hence, here are 5 top tips for buying an office notice board that are all well worth observing.

  • Stock Up on Supplies

White boards are by far the most popularly bought and as well used within UK offices. They are so because they are simple, lightweight and inexpensive, and when put to effective use can instantly up the productivity within an office.

That said, supplies and accessories are required in order to make use of a white board and an office’s diligence in replenishing and providing these supplies will determine the effectiveness of the board(s) within any given office space.

Therefore, when buying a white board ensure to also invest in a good stock of dry erase markers, magnet accessories (if your white board is magnetic) and as well some white board cleaner to ensure the longevity of a notice board surface. It is well worth also purchasing a caddy, magnetic tidy or wall mounted one where pens and erasers can all be stored close by or even fixe directly to the corner of a board.

Dry erase markers are notorious for going missing. This increases the risk that staff will resort to using non-dry erase markers and as well reduces office productivity; every minute wasted looking for a pen adds up and a minute is all it can take in some instances for that great idea to fly from a person’s mind. Hence, for the small cost of a caddy, such as those sold for under £20 via the Amazon website which also come with a range of coloured dry erase markers and eraser, this could save a lot of otherwise wasted time and so wasted money.

  • Buy online

An instant way to save money, time and effort is to simply buy your notice boards online rather than hitting the high street. Not only will this negate the need to take precious time out to go shopping or pay a staff member to do so, it is also likely to save you some money too.

The fact is, high street stores pay overheads, from energy bills to council tax to rent for a premises. For this reason many have to mark up their prices to account for these added expenditures that online stores are not subject to paying.

Hence, for the best deal shop online via a UK based and established notice board specialist supplier such asNotice Boards Online. Further to making a financial saving, doing so means your purchased notice boards will of course be delivered directly to your office premises.

  • Explore Your Options

One major and common mistake company owners and office managers make is that they fail to realise the breadth of choice out there when it comes to notice boards. Further, and in addition, many fail to think outside of the box and realise that sometimes opting to purchase more than one board and of differing types to suit different uses can make or break an office when it comes to its efficiency, productivity and as well even the wellbeing of its staff who might well benefit from having their own designated notice board on which to write motivational quotes, messages and detail their ideas.

Fortunately, avoiding this pitfall is easy; ahead of buying new notice boards to kit out an office space simply refer first to the Now 2 Business website Quick Guide to Choosing a Notice Board for the Office.

  • Don’t Be Seduced by Aesthetics

Whilst being aware of your options and taking full advantage of the fact you have them in 2017 (and quite so many of them!) is advisable, it is equally important to avoid being seduced by aesthetics when it comes to budgeting for and buying office notice boards.

That is, to spell it out, there are many ‘showy’ options out there today that whilst looking good do not always prove savvy investments. Glass notice boards, for example, are an increasingly popular office notice board option that whilst looking stylish rarely get used or provide the functionality provided by a standard white board.

Further, glass notice boards in particular are more expensive, harder to maintain than many traditional and less expensive surfaces and can also cause problems for those attempting to photograph what’s on a board (for example after a meeting) due to their reflective surface.

Hence, always opt to buy function over fashion; whether clients enter your office space or not, they are likely to be more impressed by your productivity and business record than the interior design of your office spaces.

  • Be Size Wise

Logic might have you think that to get your money’s worth and provide staff with the best surface to use getting a board (when wall mounted) to fit an intended space is the best option. Further, you might designate a wall space based on how much space an area provides. Many make this mistake.

The reality is that the further from eyelevel a notice board surface extends the more wasted space it is likely to take up; people overlook, fail to notice or rarely make use of a notice board space the further from eyelevel it is. Hence, a bigger board is not always a better board.

Then, choose a space within an office based on how central it is, how many people pass / see it and how much space there is before it to ensure staff can make use of it without causing traffic jams or inconveniencing other staff in the process.

If needs be, you can always opt to purchase two or more separate notice boards, and this is almost always a better option than having one overly large board that is more likely to get messy, disorganised and prove unmanageable than anything else.

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