A complete guide of Rapid Prototyping of a product or part development


Rapid prototyping China is an essential part of every engineering design phase that has changed the landscape of the production process. During the old days, designers and engineers would produce makeshift proof-of-concept parts & products using basic tools that were at their disposal at the time.

The manufacturing process was costly and expensive in the long run; rapid prototyping has had an enormous impact on companies as they can quickly transform their ideas into an undeniable proof of concept that can facilitate mass production.

In this articles, we will have an in-depth discussion on how rapid prototyping fits in the product design process, the kind of rapid prototyping tools available today and its applications.

Why choose Rapid Prototyping?

Quick realization and exploration of concepts and ideas

With rapid prototyping, you can elevate ideas to concept exploration that looks and feels like a real product with low risks. Rapid Prototyping China also allows designers to be creative and venture beyond visualization helping them understand every aspect of their design to create a killer product.

Accommodate changes swiftly and design iteratively

Designing is an iterative process that requires numerous rounds of refinement, evaluation, and testing before production of finished product or part. Prototyping employing 3D printing allows designers to be more flexible in creating realistic prototypes at a faster rate while also being able to accommodate changes instantly improving the trial and error phase elevating.

Cost effective and saves time

With Rapid prototyping set up and expensive tooling is eliminated, one equipment can be used in the production of different complex design and geometries reducing high costs and lead times that come with outsourcing.

Rapid prototyping applications

Rapid Prototyping China has supported designers and engineers in various stages of product development ranging from initial concept models, validation, designing and finally mass production.

Concept models

Also known as a proof-of-concept (POC), rapid prototyping china assists designers invalidation of their assumptions and ideas in testing the viability of a product. Prototypes are crucial in demonstrating concepts to various stakeholders using low-risk idea explorations.

Functional prototypes

During the latter stages of product development, details become very crucial. Rapid prototyping facilitates the creation of high-fidelity prototypes that represents the final part of the product which allows for verification and testing of its validity before full production is rolled out.

Pre-production and manufacturing

Proving beyond a reasonable doubt that workable prototype will be economically feasible for production is a crucial application of rapid prototyping. It allows the creation of one-off custom solutions, sub-assemblies for engineering, small-batch runs and design validation (EVT and DVT) builds that test the manufacturability of a product.

It also allows them to improve product overtime and move quickly to fix hitches and setbacks throughout the manufacturing process.

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