Benefits of adding live chat to your customer service strategy

According to Forrester Research, it is important for 62% of e-customers that a given company offers live chat as a form of communication with it, and 38% believe that they are more likely to return to such a store. Customers are becoming more and more demanding. They don’t want information – they even demand it. Fortunately, technology favors businesses! New products are created for both groups that will allow them to be satisfied, obtain immediate feedback, and build long-term relationships based on loyalty. The ever-increasing requirements of buyers will very much differentiate e-businesses into those that can and will want to adapt, and those that will be left behind, without increasing conversions, without success. That is why live chat solutions are becoming more and more popular. See what benefits are waiting for those who implement live chat in their organizations.

Live chat benefits

Live chat software allows you to talk to the customer in real time. It does not wait for a reply even a few days as in the case of an e-mail. There are urgent matters, and yet the company is not always in a hurry to respond. The statistics speak for themselves – 18% of all live chat users make purchases in an online store and 30-40% admit that they buy more. Take a look at how much your company can gain in this way, how your turnover will increase and how your customers’ trust in your company will increase.

New, convenient contact channel for your customers

One of the most important of them is to provide customers with a new way of contact – fast and easily accessible. As a result, the quality of customer service is significantly improved. Satisfied customers are more likely to return to the website and use the offer more often. Research shows that websites with live chat installed are re-visited by 63% of internet users

Live chat enables constant contact with the customer. He asks a question and you answer right away. This application is useful not only when the user wants to find out about the availability of the goods, but also when he has already decided to buy and has problems during the purchasing process. He can ask you for an inquiry and receive help at any time. You do not have a clogged e-mail inbox and nothing will escape your attention, and the customer does not wait for a reply and can use your offer faster.

Live chat provides immediate answers to customer questions. In the absence of this, the consultant serves as a great contact form.

Saving time and money of both sides

Another important reason to use web chat is to save time. An employee can conduct several conversations at the same time, answering questions from many clients. This is a significant advantage over telephone calls.

Livechat allows customers to talk to the customer service office without leaving the browser window. If no consultant is available, clients can leave him a message. It is much faster and more convenient than e-mail or telephone and reduces the number of interactions through these channels.

Increase in conversion

Due to the fact that chat improves customer service and helps users go through the ordering processes, it contributes to the increase in sales – and this is what every website or online store owner cares about the most. If you combine efforts on your website with consistent social media posting, content marketing tactics and complex marketing strategy, as well as flawless customer service in other channels, then you’re a step closer to achieve success.

Anonymization for the client

When using live chat, the client does not have to provide his real data, i.e. name and surname. He can hide under a pseudonym or limit himself to the first name. Its identity is not verified and this may make the user feel more comfortable in contact with you. Many people who shop online value privacy and do not disclose their data if they do not have to. Conversation via live chat is not a business conversation and apart from the fact that you have to demonstrate high personal culture, there are no restrictions.

Invaluable data for omnichannel communication

In e-commerce it is very important to analyze and track statistics. The client leaves a lot of traces on the live chat, and we can use it effectively. We will find out how he got to our website, what products he viewed and how much time he stayed on our website. Contrary to appearances, this information is very important – it allows you to present to the customer products that are tailored to his interests. In this way, we can help him find what he is looking for and then use this data for further nurturing, e.g. via webinars.

Such analyzes also allow us to define our target group in more detail. We know what people visit our website, which allows us to adjust both the offer and the way of contacting them to their preferences and age group.

Over to you

Through live chat, we integrate with our customers, give them a sense of security when making purchases and demonstrate professionalism. This affects how we are perceived by users. Resigning from live chat is like slamming the door to the customer. Our task is to open up to it, not to run away from it.

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