Tax Calculations as a Part of the Company subjects

The “company subject to IR” means sole proprietorship (excluding EIRL with IS) and companies subject to the partnership regime (direct taxation in the name of partners).

Taxation of profits

In terms of income tax, the obligations to be met depend on the company’s tax regime (IR or IS):

For companies falling under the IR: no declaration must be established at company level. Individual entrepreneurs and partners who are natural persons must include the amount of their taxable profit in their own income tax return, as professional BIC (1) or non-professional BIC (2), on their declaration n ° 2042 -C-PRO.

For companies subject to corporate tax: a corporate tax balance statement (form no. 2572) must be submitted at the end of each financial year.

  • Individual entrepreneurs and partners of partnerships professionally participating in the activity must declare a professional BIC on their supplementary income tax return n ° 2042-C-PRO.
  • The partners of partnerships not participating professionally in the professional activity must declare a non-professional BIC on their additional income tax return n ° 2042-C-PRO.

VAT declaration

Companies falling under the real simplified VAT tax regime must complete and submit a CA 12 or CA 12 E declaration (printed no.3517 S) annually, also with two semi-annual installments to be paid, in July and December, when VAT due for the previous year exceeds 1,000 euros.

Please note: when the VAT payable exceeds 15,000 euros per year, the company automatically switches to the actual normal VAT regime.

Reporting obligations of companies under the actual normal regime

Declaration of results and tax return

Companies falling under the real simplified profit tax regime must complete and transmit at the end of each financial year:

  • For companies falling under the IR: a declaration n ° 2031 and its annexes,
  • For companies subject to corporate tax: a declaration n ° 2065 and its annexes,
  • For all companies: a tax package consisting of forms n ° 2050 to 2059 I, plus other specific forms depending on the case.

Taxation of profits

In terms of income tax, the obligations are the same as in the case of the simplified tax system:

For companies falling under the IR: no declaration must be established at company level. Individual entrepreneurs and partners who are natural persons must include the amount of their taxable profit in their own income tax return, as professional BICs or non-professional BICs, on their declaration n ° 2042-C-PRO. Using the taxfyle’s tax calculator is important in this case.

For companies subject to corporate tax: a corporate tax balance statement (form no. 2572) must be submitted at the end of each financial year. IS down payments are also due when the tax for the previous year exceeds

VAT declaration

Companies falling under the actual normal VAT tax regime must complete and send monthly, or quarterly when the annual VAT due does not exceed 4,000 euros, a CA 3 declaration (form n ° 3310-CA3).

How are tax returns transmitted?

VAT declarations, results declarations, tax packages and the corporate tax balance statement must be sent by electronic declaration. VAT and corporate tax are obligatorily paid by electronic payment.


Easy Tips for Payday Loan Applicants

Running short of money to pay off bills, unexpected expenditures or emergencies? For many, this calls for taking out a payday loan. With payday loans, all your worries can be resolved because of this instant cash infusion.

Payday loans are short-term loans designed for people to tide over finances until the next payday. Though this can help a lot, it is considered an expensive way to borrow. If you are using it for some emergency, you should realize how quick and easy the process can be especially if you consider online loans in ga.

To help you get started, here are some tips for payday loan applicants:

Do not borrow more than you need

The first rule of payday loan application is determining how much you can afford to borrow. You should not borrow more than you need because instead of helping you out, it can worsen your situation if you fail to pay it within the next two to three weeks.

Sometimes it may seem a great idea to borrow more than what you need but with the higher interest rates, this can really hurt you. You should be honest. If you are going to struggle, it is not wise to borrow a big amount.

Compare companies

Before you commit, due diligence can go a long way. You have to do your research so you can compare the companies. If this means you visit one site to another, do so. By doing your research, it will save you headaches, frustrations, and money down the road.

The good news is that if you apply online, the Internet makes things quick and easy. It will only take a few minutes to shop around. In the end, you have to be patient so you can get the best deals. Do not settle for the first one you find.

Discuss renewals

Find out if the lender will immediately renew in case you do not pay back on time. There are lenders that charge higher fees if you are late. Renewals are also called rollovers.

Ask about the location

You want to deal with a lender that is in your locality. When looking, be sure to ask where they are based. If the lender is overseas and something goes wrong, you will be at a disadvantage.

Inquire if there is a credit check

There are lenders that check credit while there are others that proceed without it. It is important that you inquire if they conduct credit check so you will know what to expect. If the lender denies you, it is important to keep looking. The beauty of payday loans is they are available to people with poor credit.

Read and understand the contract

At the end of the day, what’s important is the contract. You have to read and understand it before embarking. If you do not understand something, you should not hesitate to ask the lender.

Bottom Line

While it is understandable to run low on cash and consider payday loans at some point in time, you should know the nitty-gritty details before applying. Remember that it can be extremely useful in case of emergency but it can be damaging if not managed well. The key here is to use it responsibly.


Things To Contemplate Before Taking Fast Loans

If you’re helplessly stuck in an emergency situation and you don’t have enough funds to get you out of it, then the only thing at your rescue is a Kiirlaen (fast loan). These type of loans are often high on interest rates and low on balance. They’re quick and easy designed, however, you must consider a few things before jumping on the fast loans.

Financial management

Often, the responsibilities of credits and loans are challenging to manage; thus, it’s needful to acquire proper knowledge regarding the managing finances, securities, terms, etc. So, before applying for the loan, do a thorough research of the situation that is forcing you to apply for a loan.

Even if you’re taking this on for investment, make sure you maintain certainty regarding the scope of the industry. Check out whether the industry is profitable or not, who are the biggest players etc. so as to determine whether the industry is worth investing in not.

Loan amount

Now a basic thing that every person applying for fast loans must ponder upon is the amount they’re expecting. The lesser you’ll borrow, the quicker and more efficiently you’ll be able to repay the amount along with the EMI’s.

However, if you think of borrowing more than you actually need without any prior savings or investment, then you might get trapped in the web of interest rates and never-ending monthly installments.

Rate interest

When you come across applying for fast loans, then you must reach to every nook and cranny regarding the loan details. As of today, there is a wide spectrum of banks and providers of such loans with varying interests rate that totally depend upon the borrower, their real income and many other similar factors.

Therefore, don’t be quick to jump onto any conclusion as getting fast loans is really quick however, the departure is not agile enough.

Period of repayment

The repayment tenure is the time period at which you’re supposed to pay back the amount of the loan sanctioned to you. Now, people often try to choose an extended tenure so that they can have enough time to repay the amount. However, a long repayment period only increases the interest rates and then the expense of your monthly installments.

You can also go with the trade-off, that means you can reduce the repayment period for your loan whereas the EMI’s keeps going up.

Lender’s credibility

There were the times when the only source of getting a loan sanctioned were either financial institutions or banks. However, in today’s high-tech world, you are left with a number of options to choose from. Various online websites and other authorities are available to lend you the desired amount.

However, no matter which lender you select, ensure their credibility and make sure that you don’t end up with a fly-by-night operator. The reliability of your lender shouldn’t be left ignored if you truly want to prevent any hassle after taking a loan.


Why invest in Bitcoins?

The Bitcoin is a digital currency, like the Sun or the Dollar, but with the characteristic that is not issued by a bank, it is not regulated by any country and therefore it is free of the classic transfer commissions and waiting times that add the banks. The security of this currency and its reliability has been demonstrated and certified by multiple companies, which not only promote the use, but have adopted it for their businesses. There are already sites that even accept Bitcoins only as means of payment.

For many years, humanity used barter as a means of exchange, then began to give value to certain objects such as gold or even some hard to get seeds. This was replaced with the bills and coins that we currently know and that we can even use through electronic transactions through credit cards, which we must finally pay with the classic money in a certain currency.

But society demanded something much better as a means of payment, likewise, we know that banks invent tariffs and commissions to the maximum that they can legally. All this contributed to the appearance of this digital currency, known as crypto currency and which is a fundamental part of our evolution as human beings. Just as postal mail and telegrams evolved to email and digital messaging, it was the turn of money.

It is estimated that in 10 years or less, the money as we know it based on paper and currency will gradually disappear, and the universal currency will be Bitcoin (there are also other crypto currencies with some different characteristics and properties, but very likely at the end only Bitcoin is left). There are probably still classic exchange mechanisms in places where there is no access to digital media, but they will be very small cases and they will adopt this mechanism little by little.

Therefore, we are in a medium term investment stage, with a high profitability over time, where only those who decide to own the largest number of Bitcoins they can acquire today will benefit from the increase in the value of this currency. .

In 2010, a single Bitcoin had a market value of less than US $ 0.01. As of 2013, popularity began and humanity began to value it. To more people using it, Bitcoin is scarcer, and therefore more valuable. In these 4 years (2013 to 2017), more than 10 billion dollars (Yes, we are talking about US $ 10,000,000,000.00) were invested in Bitcoins.

In June 2017, the value fluctuated around US $ 2500. At the end of August 2017, the value reached US $ 4900 and continues to rise, all due to the conviction of people that investing in Bitcoins is an option healthy and responsible.


A Guide to Small Business Accounting

There once was a time when the small business owner would meet with his bookkeeper once a week and hand him a heap of files and receipts, yet today, with cloud based solutions, you can update your spreadsheets on a daily basis and your accountant can access the files anytime and from any location.

  • Contractors – The outsourcing model is adopted by most medium and large companies, and the contractors require a specific form of accounting, one that is designed around their needs. VAT, for example, is something every UK contractor has to register with, and your accountant can handle every stage of the VAT collection process, concluding with preparing and submitting your VAT returns.
  • Payroll – Your workers must be paid on time, and with the best small business accountants in East Londonhandling your PAYE obligations, you will always be in compliance.
  • Keeping Daily Records – This is something that is easily overlooked, and that’s when problems occur. Updating your online spreadsheets only takes a few minutes, and your accountant can access the cloud at any time.
  • Outsourcing – You should outsource your bookkeeping to a specialist accountant, and with online data, this is very easy. Let your accountant crunch the numbers, while you prepare stunning presentations that will guarantee a supply of contracts.

It is essential to know exactly how your business is performing at any given time and you can only do that if your bookkeeping is up to date, and by engaging the serves on an experienced accountant, you can focus on the important aspects of your business, safe in the knowledge that your accounts are in order.


Here’s How to Finance a Car with Weak Credit

Financing your car can be a great deal of efforts, and if you have a bad credit score, the trouble you are into is multiplied. In case you have a bad or weak credit score, there are several things you are in for:

  • The finance company might consider providing you with subprime loans which are associated with a higher interest rate and terms which might not be in your favor.
  • You will have to pay whatever amount of interest as per the company if you don’t want the credit score to go even lower.
  • The company might not provide you with the amount applied for, but half or even less than that.

But you should not lose hope. There are a number of things you could do to get your car financed even if you have a bad credit score.

Check your credit score before entering the market

There are several websites which offer you the convenience of looking at your credit score report. You can check what lead to a bad credit score and also consider what you ought to do to bring back your score to normal.

Taking actions as per the recommended guidelines can improve your credit score and put into a favorable position when dealing with the financers.

Be prepared for what you are into; research!

Getting to know what all you are going to deal can out into a comfortable position when conversing with the financers. Researching about all the aspects can prevent you from getting caught off guard.

It is recommended to do your research on various financing options available, the interest rate and also the term and conditions associated with it. This will give you the availability of different choices if you wash your hand off of one.

Consider a number of sellers

Once you are in the market, make sure that you consider many sellers and not remain fixed to one seller. This could lead you to be aware of the prospects of the different deals provided by different sellers.

When you are in the market for purchasing a car, you always need to see your options. You would not want to let go a better deal in terms of price, terms and condition and interest involved in contrast to the finance amount.

Head to the credit unions

It is crucial to understand that banks are strictly profit organization and have rigidity in what they lend to whom. If you go to a bank for lending a sum of money with a bad credit score, there is a significant possibility that you will be denied. On the other hand, credit unions are nonprofit organizations and have a comparatively lesser rigid policy about lending.

The credit unions need the lender to be a member, however, qualifying to the guidelines for being a member can be easily met. Hence, if you have a bad credit score, you need to head straight away to several reliable companies to get a laen (loan) loan for financing your dream car without any compromising conditions.


How Bankruptcy Works

Bankruptcy no longer carries the stigma that it used to. It is no longer seen as a sign of failure in life. For the most part, people take a much healthier attitude toward it. If you are drowning in debt, filing for bankruptcy may be the only way to get a lifeline out of it.

Unsustainable debt is not an indication of recklessness or irresponsibility on your part. Circumstances of all kinds may converge to put you in serious debt. You may incur unexpected medical expenses or lose your job without any warning. When this happens, it may become impossible to service the debt you’ve accumulated.

A Way Out

Filing for bankruptcy allows you to make a fresh start. However, there are rules and guidelines that must be followed if you to discharge the debt successfully. You must fill out the forms correctly and meet specific deadlines. A bankruptcy lawyer such as the ones found at can help you do this. Bankruptcy laws are designed to protect ordinary people going through a rough patch from complete destitution. Such laws are nevertheless complex. A bankruptcy attorney can provide you with the expertise and nuance you need to make the law work for you.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the best option for you. Chapter 7 is the complete wiping away of all your unsecured debt. It allows you start clean and fresh financially. Credit cards, utility bills, consumer loans, and certain types of IRS debt are the kinds of debt you can rid yourself of. Home mortgage, student debt, child support, and alimony do not qualify for liquidation.
In most instances, people who file for chapter 7 are not forced to give up or sell their things. However, you will have to disclose all your assets and list all your creditors.

How It Works

You will first have to submit the proper paperwork declaring bankruptcy and asking for legal protection against your creditors. Once the papers are drawn up and verified by your lawyer and signed by you, a date for a meeting of creditors will be designated. You should not expect your creditors to attend. The only people likely to be in the room will be you, your lawyer, and the trustee assigned by the court. The meeting will not last much longer than 30 minutes. Once you have been formally declared bankrupt, you will be under the protection of the law.

This will provide you with the relief you need to begin rebuilding. Your creditors will be legally forbidden from emailing, calling, or otherwise harassing you. If you continue to receive such communication, you should refer the offender to your lawyer who will know how to resolve the matter.

A Fresh Start

The bankruptcy will be on your credit report for the next 5 years. You may find it difficult to get loans or extensions of credit in that time. However, you will get the reprieve you need to start again.


Business Startups – Accountancy Solutions

When starting a business, the best time to bring aboard an accountant is right at the very beginning, as they have a wealth of experience and can help to set up the company in the right way. The areas that an accountant can help the entrepreneur are as follows:

  • Business Formation – The accountant can advise on whether a limited company, a partnership or a sole trader is the best way to form the business. Talking to chartered accountants in Rotherham at the very outset will ensure your business heads in the right direction.
  • Registering with Relevant Authorities – You might need to be VAT registered, or become affiliated with specific federations.
  • Helping with IT resources – The accountant can assist with recommending web hosting companies and website developers, both of which you will need.
  • Advising on How Best to Set Up Bookkeeping –The accountant can put a routine into place that will allow you to efficiently record business transactions. This will make it much easier for the accountant when it comes to filing your tax return.
  • Preparing Reports and Advising on Taxation – The accountant has a wealth of experience in helping small businesses in many industries to structure the business correctly.

If you are still planning your start up, now is the perfect time to enlist the help of a local chartered accountant, who can offer a lot of assistance. You should regard your accountant as a key member of your team who will ensure that your bookkeeping starts out on the right foot.


What Should You Know About Accounting and Bookkeeping

There are a lot of things that you have to think about when you are running a business. From what your employees are doing and where they are to the financial aspect of running a business, people who are unprepared can quickly become overwhelmed. However, there are ways that you can lessen this burden on yourself. For instance, you could rely on a service that offers accounting to assist with the financial aspects of your business. In some cases, these accountants will also offer bookkeeping services, as well.

What Can These Services Do for You?

As you begin to look into accounting and bookkeeping services in Salisbury, you might begin to wonder how exactly these services could help you. For example, these services can include things such as:

  • Processing your paperwork for you
  • Reconciling your bank accounts
  • Making sure that you have profit and loss balance sheets when you need them
  • Helping you discuss your overall business performance and production
  • Helping you be aware of business trends
  • Answering questions as needed
  • And more

All these services can go a long way for any business, especially one that has a heavy focus on accounting. No matter whether you need someone who can get all your paperwork processed by the deadlines you have, or you simply need someone who can answer your questions about taxes, you can rest assured that there are professionals who will be more than willing to help you out.

Why Should You Rely on Such a Service?

Chances are that you, quite literally, cannot afford to make a mistake when it comes to your business’s finances. This is one of the many reasons that people choose to rely on the expertise and experience of professional accountants in such situations. By choosing to work with experts, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about your business’s finances.


Top 5 Sure-Shot Ways OFWs Can Boost Your Their Earnings

Living abroad is an adventurous and thrilling experience, which makes you come out of your comfort zone and explore the new world before you. While it has its perks, you cannot ignore the obligations and responsibility which comes along with it. You need to fulfill your obligations back home to support your family and save money.

It is quite difficult for a Filipino moving abroad as they may have sufficient income in the Philippines, but due to the exchange rate, it will just cover your expenses abroad. Saving can be a difficult task. For this reason boosting earnings for an OFW is a necessity now. The different ways by which an OFW can invest their money, and boost their earnings are listed below:

  1. Academic Purposes

The best investment is the education of your children. The returns, which education can give you are very high and cannot be compared with anything else. This is the smartest investment you will ever make. They can gain so much knowledge and have better prospects. You can do this by making a proper educational plan as it will save you a lot of money and secure their future.

  1. Real Estate

This is the best option for investment as there is a surety of higher yield. The prices of the real estate boom each year making it a risk-free investment. You can rent out the place and get a steady income. Commercial properties can yield higher than residential properties. We advise you to go through basic norms of owning properties in the Philippines and overseas.

  1. Stock Market

People have this notion that stock market is very risky. Yes, it is challenging, but everything comes with risks. You need to do your basic research and then invest in the stock market. Once you understand the whole process, you will find out that it is an excellent option for investment. You can understand the process by talking to experts and also attend seminars which are available online.

  1. Business Venture

Don’t let the money go unused and let it sit in the bank. The best way to start a business with someone you trust. This will be a side gig and will give you great returns. You can also apply for a cash loan to get a head start.

  1. Franchise

Starting your own business can be risky and very time-consuming. It also requires a lot of hard work, and there are chances of loss. This is not true for every business but can happen. The best way to avoid this is to take up a franchise. This way you don’t need to start a business from scratch. Manage your expenses carefully, and you can always opt for OFW loan in the Philippines.

Living apart from your family can be emotional as well as stressful. By managing your financing smartly, you can ensure a secure future for yourself and your family. Invest your money to boost your earnings to live a comfortable and a stress-free life.