Could Technology Ever Eliminate The Need For 2 Business Phones?


For the last 20 years and more, technology has gone through a radical change. Now, things are developed and programmed easily, which we might have not even thought about earlier.

Hence, technology has rooted its stems into many disciplines today that you and I cannot understand. To understand how technology can replace the need of two business phones, read its additional features below:

Parallel Applications

So, if you are using a smartphone today, it must be either Android or iOS, most of the times. And the technology is so advanced that there are chances for officially downloading duplicate versions of the same application that you use for your business. Hence, if you need to deal with different clients at the same time on a different level so that two clients or deals do not clash or cause chaos, you can easily do that. There’s no need to use two business phones now. Simply by downloading the parallel or duplicate applications, you can take care of two things at once from two different accounts or phone numbers.

Encrypted Messenger

These messengers have reduced the growing anxiousness about privacy and confidentiality matters with corporate clients. In other words, your business messages are super secure and are not stored in the messenger’s database without your permission. Hence, you do not need to use another business phone now. The coded and encrypted messages are not easy to decipher. So, your messages and documents are safe for sharing. Even your time and energy are utilised in a better way when you stop swapping between two or multiple business phones, which can sometimes cause unnecessary problems.

Multiple Sim Slots

Modern-day smartphones have multiple sim slots. So, if you are habitual of using two and more sims, then you don’t need to buy a single phone for every sim. If you are not sure, you can search online and be surprised to find that there are bespoke smartphones that have 2-4 sim slots in today’s market. Hence, all your different business deals and conversations can happen on a single phone, thanks to the regularly updated technology. Now, you don’t have to spend euros on another smartphone. A single mobile phone can help you deal with every kind of business profile and client with better efficiency.

Integrated ERPs For Real-Time Information

Most of the time, we use different smartphones for real-time information about our vendors, suppliers, and client orders. And trustable integrated ERPs and database management systems make this happen daily. Using these ERPs, you can check the live status of every order or pending payment processes.

Finally, technology has made running a business easier and more profitable. Now you don’t need to use multiple mobile phones to segregate the clients you’re dealing with.

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