Critical applications of Rapid prototyping service


Industrial Product Prototyping

Rapid prototyping services play an essential role in any product development procedure, whether its large scale or small scale production, this process will help you design products or parts enabling you to reach the market faster at lower costs. Now that is an absolute steal!

Some of the crucial steps in product design and development are:

  • Original concept- It may or may not include design elements
  • A sketch of project design- This is where design elements are introduced and conceptualized
  • Design engineering- It entails the fine-tuning of the initial design, and it’s developed using engineering software in preparation for mass production
  • Prototype development- In this step, there is the creation of the model design allowing for testing and fine-tuning
  • Testing and experimentation of the engineering model design to ensure all the desired functions and design are achieved.
  • Set-up production- This is whereby the facilitation of all practicalities of the manufacturing process takes place including creating tooling, sourcing a production partner, ordering to mention a few
  • Manufacturing- It involves the actual creation of the product, its where all the design concepts are brought to light
  • Fulfillment- After production products are warehoused, shipped to different markets for selling

Industrial prototyping is an integral step that facilitates concepts and designs phases to full manufacturing. This service not only facilitates perfection of the design and functionality but also where the manufacturing considerations and ideas take shape.

Products that require industrial prototyping

Automotive manufacturing  

Industrial prototyping is extensively used in the production of automotive components as it ensures they are durable, stronger and lightweight. Industrial prototyping is a crucial component in the development of electric and hybrid cars as well as fossil-fueled vehicles.

This prototyping service is also at the forefront of technological advancement in the development of self-driven vehicles, robotics, sensors, and newly developed concepts and components.

Aerospace manufacturing

Industrial prototyping is crucial in spearheading the development of faster and larger airplanes, this type of rapid prototyping service has led to breakthroughs. Space travel is also another aspect which has benefitted from industrial prototyping utilizing the 3D printing application.

Importance of industrial prototyping

Product development is a complex process which has been simplified through industrial prototyping, outlining its importance in every step of the manufacturing process. Some of the reasons why this type of prototyping is essential are:

  • Detecting and correcting design flaws
  • Addressing manufacturing concerns like geometry, wall gauge and wall angle ensuring they are accurately addressed
  • Errors found during the manufacturing process can be corrected at lower cost making it inexpensive
  • Ensuring the production process is fast and cost-effective
  • Allows designers and engineers to iterate quickly and extensively while adhering to the budget range
  • Facilitates innovation as designers can promptly point out inefficiencies and come up with newer concepts within a short period.
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