How Can Your Business Benefit From A Clocking In Machine


A clocking in machine is a straightforward way to record the exact number of hours each employee works, ensuring that all members of staff are paid fairly. UK Time Solutions (NetR) have developed a complete range of clocking in machines and time recorders over recent years, each offering a unique function for recording time accurately.

In terms of efficiency, you cannot beat the time recorders that they supply. They’re manufactured to suit various budget requirements and are one of the easiest products to use. Any clocking in machine is guaranteed to provide you with a flexible solution for measuring time, it can be fixed almost anywhere.

Time recorders are ideal for all business types and sizes; could you benefit from installing one to your premises?

Drawing a line under feeble excuses.

If you’re sick of the “sorry I’m late” malarkey, you could certainly benefit from a clocking in machine from UK Time Solutions! Installing a clocking in machine to the entrance of your property will draw your attention to any latecomers, making sure that they don’t make it a regular occurrence.

The clocking in machine states how many hours your staff work each day/week/month, however, they can also record exactly how many minutes late they are. Employees who play the “the traffic was horrendous” card too often could be caught out by time recorders!

Time recorders will also show if any late arrivals make up the time that they missed or whether they leave at their usual finishing time.

The early bird catches the worm.

The simple addition of time recorders enables you to monitor when your employees clock in, according to real time. For your business to offer maximum functionality, you need your workforce to arrive on time- if not a couple of minutes early!

By arriving five to ten minutes before their starting time, your employees have the time to make a hot drink and to set themselves up for the day; making sure that they start on the dot.

Catching out the early darts.

Every business is bound to have at least one person who is always looking for an early finish! You can bet they’ll have their coat zipped up and their computer shut down with 5 minutes to go!

If your working day ends at 17:00, those making an early dart will be in their car by 17:01, without fail. The electronic time recorders, like the ETR-75 from UK Time Solutions, will allow you to monitor this, making sure that employees are only paid for the hours that they work.

Putting a stop to “clocking-in buddies”.

In the past, whenemployees were running late, they could ask colleagues to cover for them until they got there but time recorders put a stop to this.

To stop staff signing other colleagues in, why not install atime recorder? A clocking in machine will provide you with countless benefits; one of the main ones being an honest payroll system.

It can identify who’s present in the event of an emergency, hence why it’s so important not to wrongly sign members of staff in if they are yet to arrive!

UK Time Solutions can help you to not only monitor the punctuality of your staff members but enhance the safety and security of your business.

Monitoring punctuality efficiently.

The experts at UK Time Solution supply the clocking in machine and time recorders to suit any business, no matter how big or small, ensuring that you can keep a watchful eye on your members of staff.

The time recorders are an ideal investment to make if you’re looking to improve the efficiency of wages and to improve the productivity of your workforce. Find out more today by calling UK Time Solutions on 0191 414 4241!

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