Is There a Business Advantage to Using a Melaphone


In many industries, it is necessary to communicate across a barrier, usually one of glass or transparent polymer. Many business owners are tempted to invest in a microphone and speaker electronic intercom system, enamoured with the impression of technological savvy it lends the communications station, but upon closer inspection these expensive, finicky and delicate devices may not be the ideal solution – especially when compared to an inexpensive, hardy, durable and effective device like a melaphone, which needs no power supply, can’t break down and won’t wear out. But what is a melaphone, and is there a tangible business advantage to using one?

What is a Melaphone?

A melaphone is a device used to facilitate voice communication across a barrier. A sort of intercom, a melaphone consists of a sturdy plastic tube connected to two grilles, with a membrane across the middle.

This membrane makes it possible to transmit the vibrations of sound through the air without actually allowing any particles or molecules through with it – creating a sort of “non-electronic intercom” which doesn’t need any power source and transmits speech through the barrier while preserving the integrity of the barrier and protecting those on either side from contamination or other problems.

The plastic grille of a melaphone can also be equipped with a steel wire mesh guard, providing protection against impacts either accidental or deliberate. In clean rooms, bank teller’s booths, laboratories and cash-handling kiosks across every industry, this protection from breaches of barrier integrity is valuable and can often greatly improve the real-terms safety of both staff and the public.

What Industries Can Make Use of a Melaphone?

A huge range of industries can make use of a melaphone. Whether you need to be able to speak to customers across the barrier of a theatre kiosk or theme-park ticket booth, or maintain the strict conditions of a research clean room laboratory, a melaphone can help you to maintain conditions and prevent contamination in either direction, while ensuring excellent, clear communication – so it’s clear that the industries that can make use of a melaphone are almost limitless!

Are There Any Business Advantages to Using a Melaphone?

A melaphone provides a suite of advantages to any business which chooses to make use of them as an intercom system. The main advantages of a melaphone are that the users can communicate clearly across a barrier, like a window, without the need for expensive and delicate electronic communications systems. At the same time, the integrity of the barrier is maintained, preventing the crossover of any contaminants and protecting those on either side of the melaphone barrier from violence or robbery attempts.

No matter the industry in which you are operating, a melaphone can provide a panoply of business advantages thanks to its unique construction and methods of operation.

What is the Purpose of a Melaphone?

The purpose of a melaphone is, as this blog post may already have made clear to the reader, to facilitate clear, easy voice communication between two people. Where there is a window, a barrier, a glass divider or a kiosk, a melaphone will enable people on either side of the divide to communicate naturally, using their voices as if the blockade wasn’t there at all.

Voice communication is by far the most effective form of human communication, and it is even more effective when paired with facial expressions and body language – a combination which we evolved over millions of years to read intuitively. With this combination, information is clearly passed from one person to another, and misunderstandings are cut down to a minimum.

By allowing this to happen in as natural a manner as possible, a melaphone takes a situation fraught with the potential for miscommunication, and makes it easy to speak clearly. It couldn’t be simpler!

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