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Nowadays, the rankactive Auditor checks the website for 20+ parameters and displays all found flaws to easily fix them. It checks meta tags, content, images tags, response codes, and each page parameters. Our website’s full list of parameters is checked; we can see in the additional parameters and data section. Rank Tracker will help us understand what is going on with the website’s rankings. It has everything we need to track the growth of SEO results: track positions globally with Google, Yahoo and Bing, or go local with Google Maps, Google Map Pack, and hundreds of country-specific search engines.

The best tool for the business

Rank Tracker has everything it takes to monitor the success of your website, and, most importantly, you don’t have to wait: instant ranking updates can provide you with real-time information anytime. Also, rankactive at is a must-have tool for every online business. Whether we are a website owner or a huge SEO agency, e-commerce platform, this tool will help you grow your business.

Conveniently scan a website

  • By default, the crawl delay is 6-8 seconds. But we can modify the scan frequency if their crawler causes inconveniences for our web-server.
  • There are some limitations on many scanning pages per project that are defined according to our subscription.

Get recent and upgraded information 

Their product rescans each of our projects daily. Thanks to a smart filtration, every problem page can be examined in detail.

East to check the current status of the site

To view detailed information, we have to click on the desired parameter.

We can see three groups of parameters: Errors, Warnings, and Notices.

  • Errors section contains issues that require immediate solutions.
  • Warnings are less critical, but still should be eliminated straight after the first ones.
  • Notices are minor issues, but still, they have a bad influence on rankings, so they should be fixed.

Find the details of the site

Here, we can find the details on the Dynamics Chart. The chart gives us the possibility to track the dynamics of changes related to the selected parameters for the last 30 days. More specifically, with the chart, we can check the dynamics of:

  • Title parameters
  • Meta tags parameters
  • Page content parameters
  • Response code parameters
  • Inner parameter of pages
  • Images parameters
  • Load time parameters

So, we just need to click our mouse over any point of the chart for trading and view the exact number of errors of the specific type present on a particular day. All data is shown for the last 30 days by rankactive. We can switch on/off any error type for a more convenient data display.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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