Qualifying For Credit Cards With No Credit: 6 Surefire Tips To Get Approved


Qualifying for credit cards with no credit is not easy. When you do not have any history of having a credit card, banks do not have information that can help them determine whether you are responsible when it comes to handling money. Therefore, they are not sure whether you will be a possible borrower who will pay on time. This may result in you having problems finding that credit card issuer that can qualify you and give you a credit card.

But how can you build a credit history when you have no credit card to begin with? There are still ways to prove your credit worthiness and here’s 6 of them.

  1. Qualifying for credit cards with no credit can be difficult but it’s still possible for you to secure credit by acquiring a secured credit card instead. This can help you kick your finances off the ground. You should have a long term goal of improving your credit score and it must be enough for you to qualify for various credit cards. Keep in mind that best credit cards charge low fees and also have better terms. Keep your eye on that and make the most out of their rewards and use their additional perks.
  2. You can also build credit by keeping a clear record.

Credit card issuers will look at five other factors if you do not have a credit card yet. The list includes your payment history, the total of what you owe, the longevity of your credit history, new credit, and the credit mix.

  1. Pay your bills on time.

Your bills can also determine your credibility for credit card issuers. In fact, paying bills on time is the main factor that will be looked at when they are checking your payment history. In order for you to make an impact on credit score, bills must be paid on time, better yet, days before its due.

  1. Try your best to not owe anything.

If you have no choice, keep your debt at a minimum. The amount of money owed in relation to credit limits consist 50% of FICO score. That being said, it is important to keep debt at a minimum. Qualifying for credit cards with no credit can be overlooked as long as the person applying for the credit card has the habit of only charging what he or she can afford. It is possible to just pay what you can afford.

  1. Buy something small

Even good accounts can disappear when a decade has passed. This happens when the account is inactive or has been closed. Make small purchases on an account that already exists then pay it immediately. This gives you recent activities on the scoring formula that credit issuers look at.

  1. Become an authorized user

Once you have done this, monitor the credit report on a regular basis and then ensure that the account is paid on time and is in good standing. The risk here is if you are the primary account holder. The one who is authorized can max the card and you have to pay the bill. The solution here is to just not give that person the card.

Here’s the bottom line. If you want to build credit but obviously do not have any credit history to show, then think of creative ways on how you can go through that door. There are lots of several products that are geared for people who are just starting to build their credit.

Meanwhile, you have to be very responsible regarding your credit. Pay your bills before the due date, do not open new accounts if you do not have to and avoid borrowing from anyone. It may take some time, but if you’re patient, soon enough, you will see that your score is in top form.
Qualifying for credit cards with no credit can be daunting. The most crucial step is having the knowledge of how these things work so you don’t make financial blunders along the way. Check out www.creditcardforno.credit.

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