Time Keeping Software – A Smart Way Out for Employee Management


Managing a team, especially a growing one, can be a bit of a headache at times. On one hand, it is a sign of a growing company, but on the other, the admin involved can be a drain on time and resources. Often, for every new member of staff, more admin tasks arrive.

One of the most basic levels of managing a team is tracking what they are doing. This is difficult enough in small numbers, but with more employees, multiple locations and mobile team members, this can become a logistical nightmare. Getting it right ensures that everyone is treated fairly, you can monitor what is going on and you can run things like payroll with the minimum of fuss and effort.

Just those three elements are powerful enough to see time keeping software as the smart way to manage your employees –


This is vital to promote equality and manage an effective team. If you have tracked data on issues such as timekeeping and attendance, then you can use this to manage the team in a fair and balanced manner. And with SINC Free Employee Time Clock all of this is backed up on the Google Cloud Platform, so you can bring it up and refer in the future if needed.


Keeping a track of what is going on in your business can take up a lot of your time and energy. The most effective conversations you can have with people are based on their performance. If there are issues that are keeping certain members of the team from delivering their best, then you would want to know about it, wouldn’t you. Many of these issues manifest themselves in poor attendance or timekeeping. SINC gives you the reports that can help you see any trends and make the changes that will boost your team.


Relying on manual systems for payroll should be a thing of the past. It is costly to process and can be riddled with mistakes. These take up even more time to investigate and rectify. Automated payroll through the SINC app is a godsend to employers. It takes all the stress out of the situation and allows you to run an accurate payroll in a matter of minutes.

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