What a Chartered Accountant Can Do for your Business


Every business requires bookkeeping and accounting services, which keep track of things, yet there are others aspects of accountancy that a business can take advantage of. The small business should enlist the help of an accountant at the very outset, as this professional can offer you valuable advice about company structuring and taxation issues. The chartered accountant can do the following:

  • Offer advice on company formation
  • Advise about taxation strategies
  • Help with contracts, property purchasing
  • Register you with VAT and do the returns

If you are a very small business like a contractor, your accountant can handle all your expense claims, and they can handle all your PAYE requirements, leaving you to focus on providing the best customer service. There are expert accountant services in Halesowen, who can help you in a number of ways, and with a specialist in your team, your accounts will be a breeze, and not the nightmare it could be.

Setting Up a Routine

If you enlist the help of an accountant, they will set you up with a few spreadsheets and show you a daily routine for entering data, and with a cloud based system both of you can access and update your accounts. This really does save you time, and with 15 minutes a day, your books will be up to date, and whenever you need some advice, your accountant is at the other end of a phone.

The best time to bring an accountant on board is at the very beginning, and if you are trading and don’t yet have an accountant, a Google search is all it takes to find a local expert.

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