The Do’s and Dont’s For Sexual Assault victims – Find out how to help them legally!

Sexual violence is one of the most brutal acts of inflicting psychological trauma to a person. Studies show that 1 in every 3 women and 1 in every 4 men are subjected to such assaults. The victims undergo long-term sufferings due to such incidents. The sad part is that most of the victims tend to stay silent about the assault. It is only a few who stand up and bring the offender before the law. If you’ve gone through similar trauma and don’t know what to do, contacting law firms like Stewart Miller Simmons is the great option. 

Experienced lawyers make the legal battle to justice smooth for victims. The silence of the victims is mostly due to the fear of wrongful blaming by society. The sole reason for this is the growing chauvinistic temperament in people.

The least we could give a sexual assault victim is peace of mind. The people around the victim should be considerate about their feelings. If possible, the victims should be given the mental strength to file a legal lawsuit. This is important because the evidence is very crucial while pursuing a legal battle against the sexual predator. 

Collecting the evidence is way easier when the crime is fresh. The other important things to take care of while handling a sexual assault victim are:

• Check for signs of depression.

• Sleeplessness.

• Overeating due to psychological trauma.

• Trust issues.

The road to normal life is not easy for a sexual assault victim. It is the duty of each person around them to make the journey safe and simple.

Know More About the Legal Battle of Sexual Assault

The sexual assault victims are most prone to be silent after the incident. It is important to keep in mind that the predators are to be taken in front of the law. This will stop them from committing more crimes. Also, legal aid will help the victim in bringing back the loss of financial stability that happened after the assault. 

Compensations are crucial for the victims as it is usually the offender who is liable to pay the amount. Out-of-court settlements are the most common route to compensation. This is mainly because the offenders do not want their goodwill contaminated in front of society.

The settlements are to be claimed by filing a civil case against the offender. When the victim files a criminal case, the process is often lengthy and tiresome. Even though the compensation doesn’t account for mental reparations, it still helps the victim to start fresh. So, make sure you hire legal help if any loved one in your family has gone through similar trauma. 


Bicycle Accidents are Devastating

 You Need a Lawyer Who Will Help You Secure Compensation

Being hit by a car while riding your bicycle can be quite traumatic. Recovering from the injuries you sustain from this accident can be both physically and emotionally painful. If you sustain serious injuries such as a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and amputation injury, you and your family may feel lost and hopeless about what to do. Thankfully, a bicycle accident attorney understands your ordeal and will work for you to help you recover the compensation you deserve. 

Motorists can be distracted and can hit bicycle riders. In some instances, you may be in the blind spot of a car or a driver may carelessly switch lanes. Drivers who run red lights or miss stop signs pose a significant danger to bicyclists like you. Sometimes, you can be sideswiped by a car and get thrown from your bicycle. A skilled lawyer can assist you if you suffered injuries in a bicycle accident. 

Impacts of Bicycle Accidents

When you get hit by a car while riding your bicycle, you could suffer serious injuries or be killed. If you survive the accident, you may need life-long medical care. Usually, the cost of your injury is more than the cost of your physical symptoms and initial medical bills. Because of your injuries, you might not be able to work again, sustain a permanent disability or disfigurement, and develop psychological complications. Moreover, you may have long-term or permanent healthcare needs and costs. In fact, your accident can result in various kinds of catastrophic injury including torn muscles, road rash, serious joint damage, concussions, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and others. 

A reliable lawyer can help you negotiate with the negligent driver’s insurer to secure the the full compensation you need. You want to be compensated for your anguish, injuries, pain, and losses because of medical bills, lost opportunity, and lost income. Once you file an injury case, you can seek damages for such losses, no matter the type of vehicle that hit you. 

Where Does Liability Fall?

To recover damages, you and your attorney must prove the liability of all parties responsible for the accident. Fault or liability is based on negligence, which refers to a person’s failure to behave reasonably. To successfully bring a bicycle accident claim, you must prove that negligence occurred, that such negligence directly caused your accident, and that you sustained damages because of it. 


All about finding a dependable personal injury lawyer in Wyoming

Were you injured in a car crash in Wyoming that wasn’t your fault? Did a loved one suffer because of medical malpractice? Do you have a case of nursing home abuse? These are all examples of personal injuries. Regardless of the other aspects and your role in an accident, you should consult a personal injury lawyer Wyoming to know your rights and legal options. If the other side owed you a duty of care and failed to act responsibly, you might have a valid injury lawsuit. How do you find a reliable lawyer for your case? We have a few tips below for your help!

  1. Ask around. If you know people who have worked with attorneys in the past, consider getting recommendations. Remember that you don’t need any lawyer but a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer. If references are not an option, check online. Personal injury law firms in Wyoming have websites, and you can find considerable details online. There are websites like Nolo and Avvo that can help with listings.
  2. Meet your attorney. When you call an injury lawyer’s office, they will want to know a few details on the phone. If the lawyer is interested, they will schedule an appointment to discuss all relevant aspects. Make sure that you meet the lawyer in-person to know the claim better. They will also offer an overview of the merits and demerits of your case. 
  3. Watch for the red flags. A good injury lawyer will never overpromise. While lawyers can sense the possible outcomes and predict a few things, they cannot guarantee what may eventually happen. A lot also depends on the case investigation. Don’t hire a lawyer if they seem too busy to attend your calls. 
  4. Ask about the fee. Injury lawyers usually take a contingency fee, which can vary between 25% and 40% of the final settlement. In an arrangement like this, the lawyer gets paid only when they win a settlement. There could be other expenses, which they can pay on your behalf until you get a settlement from the insurance company or at-fault party. 
  5. Discuss experience. How frequently does the injury lawyer work on cases similar to yours? Have they represented clients at trial? Most personal injury cases in Wyoming are settled outside of court, but your lawyer should be ready for all circumstances. 

Check online now to find top injury lawyers in your city!


Why you should opt for courier business as your career?

Courier industry is at its boom. This is particularly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Online businesses are now more common than the traditional form of sale and purchase.

As a result, courier businesses have become really popular. These businesses are also in high demand. It could be the right time to tap into this industry. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for courier business as your career:

Good income

A lot of industries are lucrative. However, the courier industry is one of the most profitable ones at the present time. The overall industry is worth trillions of dollars. If done in the right manner, you can make a huge living out of it. Most importantly, there is not certain fixed income with courier businesses. The more work you put in, the more clients you work for, the higher the income will be. Thus, if you want to make profits, then courier business is the right place to start.


Courier businesses are flexible unlike others. The freedom that you get in terms of self management is phenomenal. You can manage time as per your own routine. Courier businesses provide utmost flexibility. Those who are not in the habit of working with stringent timelines and following a certain pattern of routine, courier business can be an industry that they can tap into. You can find UPS near me for a better idea.

Room for betterment

There will always be betterment prospects in the industry. This is an industry which is growing always. You will always come across various trends that are changing the industry. This means that there is room for betterment and improvement. This effectively means that businesses have chances to perform better and amazingly. They can always outdo their competitors if they work hard for it. This also means that there is room for innovation. Newcomers can bring in creative innovations.

Work is interesting

Courier industry is interesting. As stated above, there is always room for innovation and creativity. Businesses can bring in their own ideas. There are different soft skills which are required by businesses and its owners to gain success. This includes listening skills, critical thinking, communication skills and a good directional sense. The work that you will get to do is interesting. Deal with different kinds of clients can be of interest. It is not similar to other boring standard works which can get monotonous at times.

The bottom line

Above are the major reasons why you should get into the courier business and pursue it as your career. However, it is important to note that the field is tough and competitive. There are certain things to take into account in order to become successful. For example, to obtain success within the industry, it is imperative that the right marketing is done. Moreover, courier businesses should get hands on the right management team for better operational functionality.


Preserving and Distributing a Co-Owned Business During a Divorce

Asset division during a divorce can be challenging and contentious. And when there is a business involved, the process can become even more complicated. Business owners who are in the middle of divorce have varying options, depending on the structure of their business, when they established it, and whether or not there are prenuptial or buy-sell agreements. But, other considerations come into play depending on the circumstances of the case. This post provides information on the options divorcing business owners have when both spouses co-own the business:

How to Preserve the Business During Divorce

Typically, even a simple divorce case can take a few months to be finalized. A complicated divorce that involves a business co-owned by both spouses may take at least a year. This is a lot of time for a business to shut down if nobody is paying attention to the store or if both parties are fighting over their shares instead of focusing on protecting and growing what they have built. When both spouses don’t agree on certain terms, their business can be at risk of being put under. Thus, they may want to pursue temporary orders to protect their assets’ value as they try to resolve their case. They should work with an experienced Rochester divorce attorney to help them preserve their business assets. 

Business Distribution After Divorce

The distribution of a co-owned business will depend partially on both parties’ goals. However, in some instances, such goals are at odds. Below are the options a divorcing couple has when both parties co-own a business:

  • Buying out the share of the other or swapping other marital property. If a couple chooses this option, one of the spouses will transfer their business interest to the other to get a payment for it or adjust the property settlement. The spouse who gets the share continues to operate the business. If the couple does not have enough cash or marital property, they could structure this agreement in a way that allows the receiving spouse to get a percentage of their business profits for a certain period. Or the buying spouse can pay for the other ‘s share in installment. However, they must ensure the business can be successfully run by one spouse without the other’s support. 
  • Selling the business. If both spouses agree not to keep their business, they could choose to sell it and split the proceeds. 
  • Operating the business together. This option may work for a few couples. But, those who are considering this should be honest with themselves and their spouses in evaluating the workability of this option. Also, couples who continue to co-own their business may have to come up with a more structured contractual relationship than they have probably maintained during their marriage.



3 Things to know about North Carolina divorce

Despite effort and time, some marriages do end up in divorce. Before you file for divorce, it is wise to consider all possible things that can save your marriage. If divorce seems like an eventuality, you need to start looking for legal advice and guidance. In your best interests, talk to a Charlotte divorce lawyer, soon after you take a decision. An attorney can be an instrumental factor for easing the divorce. In this post, we are sharing some basic things worth knowing about divorce in North Carolina. 

1. There are separation and residency requirements

To file for divorce in North Carolina, you and your spouse must have lived separately for at least one year. Separation doesn’t mean two different bedrooms here, but two separate residences. As per the residency requirements, at least one of the spouses must have lived in North Carolina for at least six months before filing for divorce. 

2. You can file for “divorce from bed and board” in North Carolina

In NC, “divorce from bed and board” refers to fault-based divorce, but it is not considered as an absolute divorce. Grounds include abandonment, cruel treatment, adultery and addiction to alcohol or drugs. When the divorce is filed, the petitioner must prove that the other spouse has done something that fits one of the grounds. The judge, if satisfied with the evidence, will give a divorce judgment. The divorce judgment basically states that the couple cannot be forced to live together. Note that this is more of a separation, rather than an absolute divorce, so the spouses cannot remarry. The couple, after living separately for a year at the least, can file for absolute divorce. 

3. You can get alimony

You can file for alimony in North Carolina, but a bunch of factors will be considered before the court orders the same. Income of both spouses, marital misconduct, education, and financial status of spouses are some of the basic things that influence alimony. The need of the asking spouse and the ability of the paying spouse will have a big role in deciding the alimony amount, and the judge will consider the length of the marriage. 

Now that you have checked the basics, find an attorney to discuss your divorce further. Keep in mind that no two divorces are the same, and you need to have an attorney on your side, to protect your rights and interests. Check online now to find more on North Carolina divorce lawyers. 


What do you need to know about innovative and highly functional low-code platforms?

The concept of no-code, often called RAD (Rapid Application Development / Delivery) emerged in the 1970s, however, it started picking up in the last decade, when low-code platforms based on this idea started gaining actual popularity. Low-code platforms are innovative, highly functional and standardised enterprise-grade IT tools, offering key features required by any dynamically growing company and organisation. Their biggest advantage is offering the ability to build complete and comprehensive applications without having to know programming languages or software development skills. This opens up completely new opportunities in the area of providing IT tools for business.

Low-code platforms and their role in the modern enterprise world

Low-code platforms are modern and truly disruptive technologies, based on a visual approach to building and setting up enterprise applications without coding, making the process fast, easy and affordable. The applications are built using a drag&drop or point&click mechanism, which can be accessed via the so-called Designer – a clear and intuitive GUI. This approach enables users to build, change and manage business applications without having to know programming languages and coding skills – something that would usually require entire software development teams. On the other hand, this approach also enables building bespoke applications, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of users and business scenarios, which in turn puts them above ready-made out of the box solutions that cannot provide such flexibility and freedom.

As a result, a good low-code platform can be successfully used by power users who do not have programming skills, but understand process logic and workflow. This feature set is a response to the growing, and dynamically changing needs and challenges faced by companies and organisations by the reality of our contemporary world, as well as the increasingly limited access to highly-qualified developers. Before low-code platforms emerged on the market, IT systems required direct involvement of development teams, which were indispensable both in the process of implementation, as well as adapting the implemented solutions to the current needs of the company.

As a result, contemporary companies kept becoming more and more dependent on software development services, which has resulted in increased IT costs. As a result, the tools which were supposed to help employees with carrying out their tasks and increase the efficiency of the company’s operations became a hindrance and were met with users’ reluctance. At some point, low-code platforms emerged as the best solution, promising a solution to this issue by enabling building business applications in a quick and efficient manner, to manage and automate business processes.

Low-code platforms and their extensive functionality

Low-code platforms enable users to build enterprise applications quickly and efficiently, without any coding skills, effectively supporting electronic document, task and information workflow, allowing for automation and optimisation of virtually all business processes taking place in the organisation.

What is more, they allow companies to introduce Citizen Assisted Development – an approach which brings together business experts and the IT departments to build, develop and adapt IT solutions that perfectly fit into the technological ecosystem of the company. Thanks to low-code platforms, business users who have a great understanding of the process, but do not have programming skills, can be proactively involved in the process of building applications that they will use in their daily work. IT experts, in turn, take care of the technical side of the process of building, maintaining and developing business applications – one of the key advantages is the fact that nearly every business scenario can be handled within a single environment, and all solutions are standardised, which makes life easier for both the IT department and end-users.

When is a low-code platform the only right choice?

Low-code platforms offer the possibility of using code snippets where it is either technologically justified or more time-efficient, for example in the case of complex business scenarios or advanced integration with other systems, such as ERP tools. Low-code platforms are therefore particularly recommended solutions for larger companies or corporations looking for advanced systems combining document and business process management. It is also worth mentioning that the most advanced BPM-class low-code platforms also have great real-time change management capabilities, which offers users a way to introduce changes with immediate results, ensuring the shortest possible time to business.

For the vast majority of companies, low-code platforms will turn out to be a much better choice than out-of-the-box solutions or bespoke applications developed for individual companies, which had its heyday some years ago, as they will allow them to effectively become independent from the services of specific development teams and to easily and intuitively build their own, fully standardised business applications, perfectly tailored to their current needs and fully compliant with current laws and regulations.

In contrast to typical no-code / zero-code tools designed for Citizen Development and building simple automation processes or workflows, low-code platforms ensure standards and provide solutions suitable for handling even the most complex or core business processes.

By following the link below you will find relevant information about low-code platforms:


Tax Calculations as a Part of the Company subjects

The “company subject to IR” means sole proprietorship (excluding EIRL with IS) and companies subject to the partnership regime (direct taxation in the name of partners).

Taxation of profits

In terms of income tax, the obligations to be met depend on the company’s tax regime (IR or IS):

For companies falling under the IR: no declaration must be established at company level. Individual entrepreneurs and partners who are natural persons must include the amount of their taxable profit in their own income tax return, as professional BIC (1) or non-professional BIC (2), on their declaration n ° 2042 -C-PRO.

For companies subject to corporate tax: a corporate tax balance statement (form no. 2572) must be submitted at the end of each financial year.

  • Individual entrepreneurs and partners of partnerships professionally participating in the activity must declare a professional BIC on their supplementary income tax return n ° 2042-C-PRO.
  • The partners of partnerships not participating professionally in the professional activity must declare a non-professional BIC on their additional income tax return n ° 2042-C-PRO.

VAT declaration

Companies falling under the real simplified VAT tax regime must complete and submit a CA 12 or CA 12 E declaration (printed no.3517 S) annually, also with two semi-annual installments to be paid, in July and December, when VAT due for the previous year exceeds 1,000 euros.

Please note: when the VAT payable exceeds 15,000 euros per year, the company automatically switches to the actual normal VAT regime.

Reporting obligations of companies under the actual normal regime

Declaration of results and tax return

Companies falling under the real simplified profit tax regime must complete and transmit at the end of each financial year:

  • For companies falling under the IR: a declaration n ° 2031 and its annexes,
  • For companies subject to corporate tax: a declaration n ° 2065 and its annexes,
  • For all companies: a tax package consisting of forms n ° 2050 to 2059 I, plus other specific forms depending on the case.

Taxation of profits

In terms of income tax, the obligations are the same as in the case of the simplified tax system:

For companies falling under the IR: no declaration must be established at company level. Individual entrepreneurs and partners who are natural persons must include the amount of their taxable profit in their own income tax return, as professional BICs or non-professional BICs, on their declaration n ° 2042-C-PRO. Using the taxfyle’s tax calculator is important in this case.

For companies subject to corporate tax: a corporate tax balance statement (form no. 2572) must be submitted at the end of each financial year. IS down payments are also due when the tax for the previous year exceeds

VAT declaration

Companies falling under the actual normal VAT tax regime must complete and send monthly, or quarterly when the annual VAT due does not exceed 4,000 euros, a CA 3 declaration (form n ° 3310-CA3).

How are tax returns transmitted?

VAT declarations, results declarations, tax packages and the corporate tax balance statement must be sent by electronic declaration. VAT and corporate tax are obligatorily paid by electronic payment.


Register For Vehicle Recycling In Coventry

There is more to life than just owning materials. After a while, you have to decide what things you would need to discard and what things should be kept. However, that is something that you have to take a long time to think of before making a decision. You do not want to own something expensive and have it be something that is not worth it. Instead, you should take into account the various aspects that you have to consider when making large purchases.

One of the most important things that you will purchase in your life is none other than a car. There is nothing more jarring than having to look at your expense reports and finding out how much you spent on a car. Times like those, you would need to make sure that you are always getting the most bang out of your buck on the car. This should be the case until it is of old age and the repairs are becoming more frequent and expensive. In moments like those, you should consider taking it to a vehicle recycling in Coventry.

Recycling Plant for Vehicles

One thing that people do not often think of recycling is their old vehicles. This is often a result of why people would just settle selling their car for a hefty price to make some of their profit back. That way they can claim that they at least made some of their money back.

The problem here is that they do not actually make much of their money back from selling it to strangers. That is usually because most strangers would negotiate people into going for a lower price than normal. In addition, there is no way for them to guarantee that the car is in great condition when it is posted for sale.

That is why the best way for both the buyer and seller to get the best bang for their buck is to simply have your vehicle recycled for parts. This is not only helpful for you, since you will be getting paid by the recycling plant. You are also making the process of saving the environment all the better due to your car’s reusable spare parts.

Your one recycled vehicle can help save another person’s car when they need some parts for cheap. Not only that but some major companies can just purchase your scrapped parts to be used as extra junk material for their projects. This would result in them needing to dig up precious resources by simply reforging your old metal or aluminum car parts. Lastly, your scrapped car would leave less pollution compared to it being driven with a bad muffler. All those benefits for you and the world can be had by simply choosing to recycle your vehicle instead of selling.


Benefits of adding live chat to your customer service strategy

According to Forrester Research, it is important for 62% of e-customers that a given company offers live chat as a form of communication with it, and 38% believe that they are more likely to return to such a store. Customers are becoming more and more demanding. They don’t want information – they even demand it. Fortunately, technology favors businesses! New products are created for both groups that will allow them to be satisfied, obtain immediate feedback, and build long-term relationships based on loyalty. The ever-increasing requirements of buyers will very much differentiate e-businesses into those that can and will want to adapt, and those that will be left behind, without increasing conversions, without success. That is why live chat solutions are becoming more and more popular. See what benefits are waiting for those who implement live chat in their organizations.

Live chat benefits

Live chat software allows you to talk to the customer in real time. It does not wait for a reply even a few days as in the case of an e-mail. There are urgent matters, and yet the company is not always in a hurry to respond. The statistics speak for themselves – 18% of all live chat users make purchases in an online store and 30-40% admit that they buy more. Take a look at how much your company can gain in this way, how your turnover will increase and how your customers’ trust in your company will increase.

New, convenient contact channel for your customers

One of the most important of them is to provide customers with a new way of contact – fast and easily accessible. As a result, the quality of customer service is significantly improved. Satisfied customers are more likely to return to the website and use the offer more often. Research shows that websites with live chat installed are re-visited by 63% of internet users

Live chat enables constant contact with the customer. He asks a question and you answer right away. This application is useful not only when the user wants to find out about the availability of the goods, but also when he has already decided to buy and has problems during the purchasing process. He can ask you for an inquiry and receive help at any time. You do not have a clogged e-mail inbox and nothing will escape your attention, and the customer does not wait for a reply and can use your offer faster.

Live chat provides immediate answers to customer questions. In the absence of this, the consultant serves as a great contact form.

Saving time and money of both sides

Another important reason to use web chat is to save time. An employee can conduct several conversations at the same time, answering questions from many clients. This is a significant advantage over telephone calls.

Livechat allows customers to talk to the customer service office without leaving the browser window. If no consultant is available, clients can leave him a message. It is much faster and more convenient than e-mail or telephone and reduces the number of interactions through these channels.

Increase in conversion

Due to the fact that chat improves customer service and helps users go through the ordering processes, it contributes to the increase in sales – and this is what every website or online store owner cares about the most. If you combine efforts on your website with consistent social media posting, content marketing tactics and complex marketing strategy, as well as flawless customer service in other channels, then you’re a step closer to achieve success.

Anonymization for the client

When using live chat, the client does not have to provide his real data, i.e. name and surname. He can hide under a pseudonym or limit himself to the first name. Its identity is not verified and this may make the user feel more comfortable in contact with you. Many people who shop online value privacy and do not disclose their data if they do not have to. Conversation via live chat is not a business conversation and apart from the fact that you have to demonstrate high personal culture, there are no restrictions.

Invaluable data for omnichannel communication

In e-commerce it is very important to analyze and track statistics. The client leaves a lot of traces on the live chat, and we can use it effectively. We will find out how he got to our website, what products he viewed and how much time he stayed on our website. Contrary to appearances, this information is very important – it allows you to present to the customer products that are tailored to his interests. In this way, we can help him find what he is looking for and then use this data for further nurturing, e.g. via webinars.

Such analyzes also allow us to define our target group in more detail. We know what people visit our website, which allows us to adjust both the offer and the way of contacting them to their preferences and age group.

Over to you

Through live chat, we integrate with our customers, give them a sense of security when making purchases and demonstrate professionalism. This affects how we are perceived by users. Resigning from live chat is like slamming the door to the customer. Our task is to open up to it, not to run away from it.