Why Do Most Companies Fail At Marketing On Facebook


Facebook marketing is often presented as a sure fire solution for many potential business problems. The truth is that most businesses today do not properly take advantage of what the largest social network in the world has to offer. In an attempt to grow the business the company might invest a substantial amount of money in Facebook marketing, only to see close to zero results. Why does this happen?

No matter what you might think at the moment, the truth is that Facebook marketing is much more complicated than it used to be. Some years ago all that was really necessary for a business was a social media presence. This automatically increased sales. Nowadays, things are much more complicated.

In order to help you improve results, here are the main reasons why companies fail at marketing their products on Facebook.

Advertising Without Optimizing

The more data you use to determine what the best advertising channel is, the higher the possibility results will be very good! When you advertise on Facebook you have access to various tools that can be used. Unfortunately, most business owners only think about a minor level targeting that is simply not enough. This practically means that ads will show up for way too many people and conversions will be a lot lower than what they could be.

Facebook advertising is really complex and you want to keep a close eye on every single campaign that is run. Testing results and seeing what works best for each target market is a necessity. As an example, you will find better results in one part of your initial target market than in the rest. You want to be sure that you know this is happening so you can increase the budget for that exact audience as you reduce the amounts spent for the rest.  It’s also wise to know the rules on Facebook. Certain companies, like those that offer gambling services or glass bongs, are not allowed to advertise.


When you look at business information websites like Datapo you do realize that everyone has a Facebook profile. This is great since people want to learn more about your company before buying. However, this does not mean that the Facebook page you have is only meant for blind promotion.

People on Facebook hate it when the pages they follow just promote their services/products and do not offer real value. Users follow pages because they like the brand or because they are offered useful information. Because of this, any social media presence should focus on building a community as opposed to blindly promoting products. A good rule of thumb used is 80-20. This means that 20% of the posts on a Facebook page should be about the company represented while the rest should help followers.

Not Buying Ads

Last but not least, no matter what anyone will tell you, being highly successful at Facebook marketing without investing in ads these days is very difficult. The current algorithm makes organic growth very difficult, especially for brand new pages. A part of your online marketing budget needs to be directed towards Facebook ads. There is simply no way around that and you should not believe anyone that tells you otherwise. The situations in which growth can be fully organic are really rare these days.

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