Why invest in Bitcoins?


The Bitcoin is a digital currency, like the Sun or the Dollar, but with the characteristic that is not issued by a bank, it is not regulated by any country and therefore it is free of the classic transfer commissions and waiting times that add the banks. The security of this currency and its reliability has been demonstrated and certified by multiple companies, which not only promote the use, but have adopted it for their businesses. There are already sites that even accept Bitcoins only as means of payment.

For many years, humanity used barter as a means of exchange, then began to give value to certain objects such as gold or even some hard to get seeds. This was replaced with the bills and coins that we currently know and that we can even use through electronic transactions through credit cards, which we must finally pay with the classic money in a certain currency.

But society demanded something much better as a means of payment, likewise, we know that banks invent tariffs and commissions to the maximum that they can legally. All this contributed to the appearance of this digital currency, known as crypto currency and which is a fundamental part of our evolution as human beings. Just as postal mail and telegrams evolved to email and digital messaging, it was the turn of money.

It is estimated that in 10 years or less, the money as we know it based on paper and currency will gradually disappear, and the universal currency will be Bitcoin (there are also other crypto currencies with some different characteristics and properties, but very likely at the end only Bitcoin is left). There are probably still classic exchange mechanisms in places where there is no access to digital media, but they will be very small cases and they will adopt this mechanism little by little.

Therefore, we are in a medium term investment stage, with a high profitability over time, where only those who decide to own the largest number of Bitcoins they can acquire today will benefit from the increase in the value of this currency. .

In 2010, a single Bitcoin had a market value of less than US $ 0.01. As of 2013, popularity began and humanity began to value it. To more people using it, Bitcoin is scarcer, and therefore more valuable. In these 4 years (2013 to 2017), more than 10 billion dollars (Yes, we are talking about US $ 10,000,000,000.00) were invested in Bitcoins.

In June 2017, the value fluctuated around US $ 2500. At the end of August 2017, the value reached US $ 4900 and continues to rise, all due to the conviction of people that investing in Bitcoins is an option healthy and responsible. To learn more benefits of Bitcoin visit this website:

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