Lucrative Opportunities for Self Storage Contractors in Urban Environments


In many parts of the United Kingdom, managing a self-storage site in an urban setting is an excellent way to produce a significant revenue. The problem is, that it may be difficult to locate an area of land large enough to construct a storage facility that’ll give you a good return on investment. However, there are a number of ways to develop a facility on a smaller sized plot. This article looks at a number of key design features that can be implemented for Self Storage Contractors in an urban setting.


There is usually an enormous dependence on self-storage in urban areas. Therefore, by choosing a site location that is about an acre in size, you can create a good sized facility that is big enough to make money. The expense of a site in an urban setting is higher than one in the suburbs. However, your price per square foot for construction will be far less as you will not be assembling a massive structure in an urban area. Plus, within an urban environment, you’ll find many more customers you could offer your services to; thus increasing your sales potential and ability to pay back initial expenses

Adding Floorings

Among the simplest strategies to insert the square footage is to build up. Creating multiple stories provides more space for the property and will offer you the dimensions you require for multiple customers. In addition to this, there will be considerable space for signage and office space. Although some storage operators believe it is going to be harder to lease units on upper floors, this is no longer the case as once customers have been in the lift; it will not matter if they have to go to the 22nd or the second floor if you are providing an excellent service.


Building accessibility is important on sites that are smaller. As you do not have lots of room, you need to make unit accessibility as easy as possible. For convenience, it actually can help to have a drive aisle around the construction site, permitting entry to ground level units. One other significant point is to allow for loading spaces. Renters desire a place to unload, plus they will require suitable parking space if this is possible.

Expert Self Storage Contractors

If you are interested in the lucrative possibilities of an urban self-storage site, the design team at Janus International can create ideal storage solutions for small areas; this is because of their expert knowledge of the industry, specialist surveying methods, and computer-aided tools. It does not matter how large or small your business is, Janus International provides solutions modified for every phase of a self-storage solution life-cycle. For more ideas about growing your small business, visit this website:

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