What to Do in Active Shooter Situations

Since active shooting situations tend to happen more and more in the last decade, the best way to protect you is to learn how to act in this particular scenario. The best advice that we can give you is to be mildly paranoid so that you can reduce the chances of being caught in the crossfire.

Even though it is a grim topic generally, and the odds that you are going to become a victim are low, the number of them rose from the beginning of new millennia, which is why you should know how to react and respond.

Everything is based on three critical guides: fight, hide or run. Of course, everything depends on the location and specific situation, which is why we cannot provide you a general rule for it.

Best survival courses, such as the one you will find on this link:, are based on actual cases that already happen.

More prepared you are, you will have higher chances for survival in the end.

The best way to survive anarchy is to understand the rules you have to follow. In these particular situations, these protocols can mean a difference between life and death, which is the main reason why you should think everything through.

Be Aware Of Your Surrounding

It is essential to understand that you should react from the moment you hear the first sign of a problem. Beforehand, you need to adopt the habit of checking out the exits, fire escape protocols and determining the escape route from your current location.

At first, it will be artificial to think like that, but as time goes by, you will do it by default, which is the main goal that you should achieve. For instance, most people from law enforcement do that mechanically, without thinking about it.

It may seem like paranoid activity, but it will save you in case something happens. For instance, when you decide to go to some public gathering or event, you should stand next to an escape route map if there is or check out for signs that will explain to you where to go.

That is just a few seconds of your time, and it may help you survive in the next moment. The idea is to program yourself to avoid forgetting that you should analyze your surroundings wherever you are.

Even though you have numerous responsibilities and filled head with future tasks, it is vital to avoid daydreaming while entering some commercial buildings or malls and start implementing these tricks that will help you.

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As we mentioned above, the first ten and maybe twenty times it would have to be something you think through. However, afterward, you will be able to analyze the closest exit while hanging out with someone, which is the primary goal of active shooting survival training.

The problem lies in the idea that you have to synchronize all the knowledge you obtained when it comes to survival with current information, which depends on the context. Each shootout comes with a unique situation, so we cannot tell you what exactly you should do.

We can only help you decide better and avoid common mistakes people make in these situations. For instance, if the shooter is standing in the middle of the exit and yourself, you should choose an alternative way to run.

In all situations, it is vital to remember that you have to get away from the shooter as much as you can. That is the best solution that you can make. In case you are on a higher floor, avoid elevators, and always take stairs.

On the other hand, if you are located on the first or second floor, you should escape from the window when you get the chance. Even if you hurt yourself on the way down, it is much better than being dead from the bullet.

As soon as you enter the line of sight of a shooter, you should run from cover to cover or in zigzag.

At the same time, you should avoid pulling the fire alarm, because that will create additional confusion, some people will think that it is just a drill, while others will panic and create even bigger havoc.

Instead of doing anything that will cause a reaction from shooter and panic from hostages, you should yell gunman or gun. Most places including schools and workplaces tend to implement drills to educate students and employees what to do in case of evacuations or lockdown,

However, if you are visiting some events such as the cinema or theater, you should familiarize yourself with the closest exit.

Most commercial buildings feature signs and maps that will show the closest way out, and the main problem is that people do not pay attention to them, which is the main reason for the inability to rescue them afterward.

Where Should You Hide?

If you cannot escape, the next best thing that you can do is hide. However, it is much better to say, and you should deny access to a shooter. It means that this particular form of hiding is not passive like lying down on the ground or beneath a table.

Instead of hiding and hoping for higher forces to save you, we recommend you to adapt the technique called active hiding. It means that you should find a room or place that you can lock down, or create a barricade that will prevent a shooter from breaking inside.

For instance, you probably did not know that the most secured room is the one closest to the elevator because they tend to feature additional, reinforced construction, which is much better than drywall.

The worst thing that you can do is to hide under the desk because then you will be a clear shot if a shooter finds you. Therefore, you should find ways to remove yourself from the line of fire. It is much better than waiting and doing nothing.

At the same time, playing dead is another mistake people usually make, because shooters are most likely to fire into wounded people on the ground too.


Automation Streamlines Work Processes

Before automation, working in a plant proved to be tedious and cumbersome. That is why adding an automated control system for processing increases profits and incentivises the workforce. When you have control panels and control systems incorporated in your plant, you can make easy work of some very difficult tasks.

Where Do You Need Automation?

You can use the best automated control systems suppliers in Peterborough to perform upgrades for one of the following areas:

  • Food and beverage processing
  • Refrigeration
  • Manufacturing

Increasing Your Capacity

As you can see, you are not limited in what you can do, thanks to today’s technology. By taking advantage of automation, you can improve the design of your production lines and make easier work of certain industrial processes.

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Control System?

Without automation, you simply could not achieve these measurable results. For example, when you contact the right company, design engineers can plan, build, and install one of various electrical control systems. All of the panels are checked extensively and supplied with detailed info via software and programming. The work is performed in-house, which ensures both project delivery and quality.

Selecting the Right Provider for Your Plant

When choosing a company to upgrade your automation needs, find one that has a good deal of experience in the field. They should have experience in configuring, manufacturing, programming, and supporting industrial applications. This experience should also be used to support the further expansion of current systems.

If you want to make sure that you remain competitive, you need to find out the current status of your automation control panels and control systems.


Six Useful Security Systems Your Business Must Have

As a businessman, you must be bothered about the security of your business. Well, business security matters a lot. Having security is one of the most important factors of a successful business. When it comes to security, the alarm system is what that everyone counts on first. Apart from this, there are several other security options you may choose for keeping your business safe.

In the following write up, I have discussed this matter in minute details. If you are keen to know more about this matter, you may have a close look at the below section now.

  1. Outdoor And Indoor Security Cameras

To prevent the trespassers from entering your business premises, you may cover the indoor as well as an outdoor area with high-quality security cameras. When you install the cameras, the visitors will stay alert and they think that they are constantly being watched. While buying the cameras, you need to check the followings- high definition video, a connection to a 24-hour monitoring station, cloud storage and optimally. With reliable indoor security cameras, you can keep an eye on your employees. Take the help of the experts while installing the cameras.

  1. Intrusion Alarms

Intrusion alarms are considered as one of the basic of commercial building security options. They are the most effective systems. The best aspect of using this small business alarm is that this device can monitor your building in the best way. In case, it detects any unauthorized access; it will set off a loud alarm and thus will alert the local authorities. To prevent unauthorized access to your commercial building, using intrusion alarms is the best option.

  1. Motion Sensors

For the areas where the traditional burglar alarm cannot be installed, motion sensors are the best option. The sensors can effectively and quickly alert you when it detects any unauthorized access. To enhance security to the commercial building, do not forget to use motion sensors.

  1. Outdoor Security Robots

You do not have to spend a lot on a human security guard when you have an outdoor security robot. These robots are made with advanced technology to enhance security to any building. The robots can provide 360-degree views as well as real-time tracking, in order to alert you if it detects any unwanted activities, around your business premises.

  1. Secure Lock System

While installing the door lock system, you may take the help of experienced locksmiths. They can tell you which lock you should use. It’s better to use a door lock system that is built with advanced technologies. Consult the experts to install the locks.

  1. Safe And Other Options

To keep your valuable business documents, you may install a high quality safe. Keep your documents inside the safe in order to save them from the clutches of burglars. You may also keep your precious business documents in one of the best storage units in San Dimas or your preferred location. Your belongings will be safe, under the storage facility providers.

So, this is how you can enhance security to the commercial building. If you want to know more about this topic, you may consult the professional locksmiths with years of experience.


Secure Residence And Commercial Building With Modern Driveway Alarm

Everyone likes to live secure without facing trouble anymore in the living life. If you are a business enterprise, include some most important credential, but your only worry secure. There are many ways potential to secure the business credentials like CCTV, security and some others. But, now the world shows the modern technology to make the people live pleasure completely. The driveway alarm is one of the best security alerts play a significant role in the majority of the house and commercial buildings. It is the customizable doorbell as well covers a wide range of alert. It also includes gate alert sensors, door button units, and motion sensors to stay connected with the security. The sound of the alarm loud and motion sensor alert the person if anyone crosses the sensor boundary. If you have planned to buy the alarm you have should make sure accessible features along with experienced customer reviews.

Features of driveway alarm:-

The driveway alarms include several features to alert you accurately without a false alert. Now, you can leave the property without worry or fear and whatever that you keep inside on the property. Everything under control after you installs the alarm and gets professional assistance for right installation. The main features obtained in the alarm loud volume, expandable, long range and very dependable. Now, it is also come with waterproof and built last with outdoor sensor alerts for a vehicle, person and some others. Each user of the alarm simply installs with the use of start guide. You can focus on the property size to extend the alert range and focus on sensors zone.

Benefits of driveway alarm:-

You have to make sure types of alarm wired and wireless based on the property safety. The EZ CyberQuest Inc is the reliable firm offers several kinds of modern alarm to deliver huge benefits. The customer can install the alarm at the front and motion sensor will detect any people movement, vehicle or others in the coverage of the alert system. The system alerted you for any unexpected arrivals through the signal bell and regulated based on the requirements. So, if there any trespassers near property or visitors, you can simply alert by the powerful sensors as well enough time to secure or do various steps. The firm gives the guarantee for the contemporary alert system and checks out the special offers for the customers who go to pick alarm.

Daniel Baker originally wrote and published various online contractor directories. In 2005 he took his lifetime interest in Alarm systems and created his first website He is now dba EZ CyberQuest Inc.


Ways Of Protecting Your Business Against Cyber Crimes

Every day we hear, read or experience about cybercrimes in business organization. It is a big problem to many business and with each passing day, cyberattacks becomes a reality to all organizations and businesses regardless of their size or the industry. The unfortunate part is that most of the companies never realize that they are under attack until it is too late. We write my essay that are of high quality on how protect your organization against cybercrimes. Our writer are experienced writers and write essays that present ideas in a logical manner and are well explained to the satisfaction of the readers. You can always place your order with our support team at any given time and let the professionals help you with your assignments.
Almost 80% of medium and small organizations do not realize the threat of hackers, malware, and viruses that constantly target their businesses. 83% of these organizations don’t even take any formal measures against cyber crimes even though more than half of the attacks target them. It is a fact that so many individuals use secure passwords but the most used computer password are “123456” and “password”. It costs a small amount of time and money to protect your hardware, systems and data. Nonetheless, the price we pay directly or indirectly for cyberattacks is usually far more expensive. Some of the organizations are always lucky enough to recoup the money lost, the unlucky businesses are always the majority.
Cases of data breach are very common and cyberattacks are growing exponentially in cost, frequency and size. It is no longer safe to go at it alone as an individual. To be on the safe side, there must be a collective accountability and an understanding that all the entities that are affected have to priorities cybersecurity to make it possible for them to create a safer environment. Never take the risk of being vulnerable. The following are some tips you can employ to protect your organization against cybercrimes:
  • Shore-up the weak point. Always start with the passwords. It is vital that you and your staff regularly change the passwords and avoid using similar passwords for every account.
  • A banking-only computer to be designed. Fraud has been flagged as the biggest peril for small organizations. You can easily fight fraud by using a specific computer for all the transactions you do online. Since the machine is never used for web-surfing, social media or emailing, it is very difficult for an authorized individual to access your sensitive data. It is also advisable to review the organization’s banking transactions on a daily basis to be able to identify fraud in almost real time and most likely recover the money.
  • Protect your data. It is very easy for a small organization to lose money and data in case of a cyberattack. It is unfortunate that most of these businesses are not in a position to pay for an online data-backup system. You need to take advantage of the internet technologies and cloud computing and data-backup solutions that are cost effective to protect your data.
  • Educate employees. Your first line of defense against cyberattacks is your employees. They also present the biggest security hole. Negligent workers are usually the cause of security breaches that you experience. It is important that you educate your staff on the simple security measure that they must observe at all times.
  • Junk, phishing and spam emails in most cases, consume a lot of your time and consume your resources that could otherwise be channeled to productive activities. In any case, no one likes going through the junk mails just to retrieve the important mails. This is time that could have been spent in performing productive tasks. This is the reason why you need an effective system to help in filtering your emails.
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How Can A Printer Ensure Maximum Protection For Banking Businesses

People often overlook the security risk printers can have. While you’ve protected your computer and laptop, and all your cloud data is safe, you need to ensure the content that you scan, print and fax remains secure too.

In the banking business, keeping valuable information out of the wrong hands is essential, for both clients and staff. This means that choosing a printer that does not compromise safety is a key business move. Here are just a few of the steps you can take to secure your banking technology:

Update software
Technology is ever-changing and with each advancement comes a new way for your machine’s security to be undermined, whether that is from an external threat, or an internal hack.

However, to combat this threat, printer manufacturers are constantly creating updates which help to prevent against any attacks. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your printer software is updated regularly.

Manufacturers include protection measures called ‘security patches’ in updates, helping to smooth over any security flaws. Updating your printer software will ensure that you receive the full benefit of these patches, and that any threat to your banking technology is eradicated immediately.

Antivirus software

As with any device that connects to a wireless network, printers are able to pick up malware or other dangerous files if they are not protected. This means that external hackers can remotely infect your technology with a printer virus, which could expose your confidential information to them.

The best way to protect yourself and your technology is to implement antivirus software. Antivirus software is usually just associated with computers or laptops, but people overlook the fact that this is a tool which is just as important to use on printers.

Most printer manufacturers have their own recommendations of how to protect their machines. For example, if you are using a multifunction Xerox printer such as the VersaLink C405N then the manufacturer recommends that McAfee security software is implemented.

Secure print

A great way to protect your printer software is by choosing a model which incorporates security into its benefits.
Look out for a feature called Secure Print. This option is essential to keeping data completely confidential, as it allows the user to benefit from features like PIN protected print options, meaning that only authorised personnel can access data sent to the machine.
For example, Xerox printers’ secure features include an option which means that files are only printed when intended individuals release the file from the machine, which will stop customer data from being left around and falling into the wrong hands.

Following the tips laid out in this article should give you an idea of several ways to improve your printer security and keep your data protected from the outside, and from within.