How Can A Printer Ensure Maximum Protection For Banking Businesses


People often overlook the security risk printers can have. While you’ve protected your computer and laptop, and all your cloud data is safe, you need to ensure the content that you scan, print and fax remains secure too.

In the banking business, keeping valuable information out of the wrong hands is essential, for both clients and staff. This means that choosing a printer that does not compromise safety is a key business move. Here are just a few of the steps you can take to secure your banking technology:  

Update software
Technology is ever-changing and with each advancement comes a new way for your machine’s security to be undermined, whether that is from an external threat, or an internal hack.

However, to combat this threat, printer manufacturers are constantly creating updates which help to prevent against any attacks. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your printer software is updated regularly.

Manufacturers include protection measures called ‘security patches’ in updates, helping to smooth over any security flaws. Updating your printer software will ensure that you receive the full benefit of these patches, and that any threat to your banking technology is eradicated immediately.

Antivirus software

As with any device that connects to a wireless network, printers are able to pick up malware or other dangerous files if they are not protected. This means that external hackers can remotely infect your technology with a printer virus, which could expose your confidential information to them.

The best way to protect yourself and your technology is to implement antivirus software. Antivirus software is usually just associated with computers or laptops, but people overlook the fact that this is a tool which is just as important to use on printers.

Most printer manufacturers have their own recommendations of how to protect their machines. For example, if you are using a multifunction Xerox printer such as the VersaLink C405N then the manufacturer recommends that McAfee security software is implemented.

Secure print

A great way to protect your printer software is by choosing a model which incorporates security into its benefits.
Look out for a feature called Secure Print. This option is essential to keeping data completely confidential, as it allows the user to benefit from features like PIN protected print options, meaning that only authorised personnel can access data sent to the machine.
For example, Xerox printers’ secure features include an option which means that files are only printed when intended individuals release the file from the machine, which will stop customer data from being left around and falling into the wrong hands.

Following the tips laid out in this article should give you an idea of several ways to improve your printer security and keep your data protected from the outside, and from within.

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