Three Surprising Ways to Advertise Your Small Business


If you’re running a small business, you know how important it is to attract new customers and grow your audience. You’ve probably tried all of the traditional ways to advertise, including print ads, online marketing, and even radio or TV ads. If you’re looking for something unusual to shake things up, you’re in luck. Now, more than ever, there are creative ways that you can spread your message and advertise your brand. Consider these three unusual options for your small business today.

Moving Billboard

If you have a company that does most of its business locally, one clever way to advertise in your area is by hiring a moving billboard. These large trucks will drive around your area with an ad of your choice emblazoned on a large billboard that they carry. These billboards will increase your brand recognition and can share important messages with your community. A moving billboard is a great choice if you are opening up a restaurant, a franchise that’s new to the neighborhood, or another brick and mortar business in your community.

Advertise on a Boat

If your business is located close to the beach or waterfront, one of the cleverest ways to get your message out is by putting in on a boat. It’s easier than ever to do this, thanks to convenient graphic boat wraps from a company like Sign Zoo. These ads are especially effective when they are aimed at boaters or beachgoers, such as scuba lessons, boating tours, beach wildlife tours, or fishing expeditions. They also work well to advertise businesses that are found close to shore, such as surf shops, bars and restaurants near the water, bathing suit stores, and scuba equipment providers. If you have your own boat, you can affix an ad to it, or you can pay someone to advertise for you while they enjoy the water.

Try Skywriting

Nothing packs a punch quite like seeing your company’s name in enormous letters across the sky. If you’re opening up a new business or offering a new service, consider letting everyone know for miles around by hiring a skywriter. Not only will the ad have an impact, it will then most likely be shared on local social media, creating an even bigger buzz. Skywriting can be surprisingly affordable and accessible. After all, your small business deserves the very best.

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